Strategy and Operations Consulting

Strategy and Operations Consulting

The Objective of the ICB Consulting Operations Consulting is to align the Strategic Plan of the Company with all the activities of the Value Chain. We guide all actions to develop the business and be more competitive in a responsible and sustainable way with a focus always on the customer.

Corporate Business

ICB Consulting is at the side of the companies and guides and accompanies them in their improvement projects. We always seek the greatest effectiveness and competitiveness, but ensuring future profitability. In our operations, strategic and talent management consulting service, we help diagnose the real situation of the organization and propose solutions for immediate implementation.

In this way, operating on the strategic plane, the human and the production and service provision processes, companies achieve:

  • The drastic improvement of the processes.
  • The radical improvement of quality.
  • The elimination of waste and waste.
  • Improving customer satisfaction.
  • Customer loyalty.
  • Work motivation.
  • And a faster and more sustained economic return.
ICB - Consultoría de operaciones empresariales

The achievement of these goals is within the reach of both small and large companies, regardless of whether they belong to industrial and producer sectors or the provision of services.