Strategy and Operations Consulting

Success Methodology

A temporary window was opened in this past year 2020 and in the coming years of great opportunities to be able to take advantage of them while helping People and Companies.

Our Success Methodology

  • The international team of ICB Consulting is a great integrating melting pot of talent, we implement and respect the protocols, acting with the utmost discretion, confidentiality and professionalism, in each project or operation.

  • Among the associated firms, we have accumulated more than 20 years of experience in: M&A, Purchase and Sale of Companies, Mergers and Acquisitions, Corporate Strategic Finance, Commercial Strategy, Marketing, Launch and Development of Projects, Internationalization and Growth of Companies in other countries.

  • We subject all projects, depending on the type, profile, information received, etc., to a rigorous and demanding examination with our Artificial Neural Intelligence Algorithm (AINA), which gives us a Success ratio of the same, we only manage the projects which gives us > 90% success ratio of it.

  • Therefore, at ICB Consulting, we only invest time, resources and money (€), from our offices, from our consultants in winning projects, because we know they will be a success.

  • With our methodology we give maximum security to all parties involved in each operation or project.
  1. To the client for which ICB Consulting works
  2. To the ICB Consulting Team
  3. To the counterparty that we present each operation or project.
  • We basically work with all operations and projects with exclusive time mandates (to be calculated by the AINA in each project/operation), in order to have control of the operation, and it is possible that the owner may have other options, as long as they inform us. of them, to avoid duplication.
  • At the signing of the mandate, a small payment is made as a forecast of funds (X), plus a small payment for each month of the mandate (both to be calculated by the AINA in each project/operation) and a % at closing and Success of the project – operation to be calculated by the AINA in each operation.
  • The initial payment and payments per month are considered advances as forecast funds will be subtracted from the total fee at the closing and Success of the project or operation.

This methodology is what allows us to work in an environment of Comfort with Intensity, Control, Quality and Trust for the entire team, in all projects and operations.

It is our philosophy and our way of working, which leads us to achieve Success in all projects and all operations.

ICB consulting metodología

 How we work

  • Joint work with the management team. Sustainable growth plans in the short-medium term.
  • High degree of confidence and security in actions and actions for transparency.
  • Action plans to improve competitive positioning.
  • Flexibility in the structure of the transaction, adapting to the needs of the sellers.

What we contribute

  • Full identification with and for the interests of our client.
  • Experience, seriousness and solvency.
  • Sharp, clear and defined targets.
  • Justification and verification.
  • Commitment and responsibility of the entire ICB Consulting team.
ICB consulting metodología