Experts in (GRC) Corporate Governance,
Risk and Compliance

Experts in (GRC) Corporate Governance,
Risk and Compliance

Efficiency and transformation of audit and internal control, risks and Compliance.

GRC Solutions

At ICB Consulting our GRC transformation model focuses efforts on obtaining an optimal result based on the maturity of the companies, leveraging technology as a fundamental pillar to carry out automated management of the Government, Risk and Compliance models.

GRC solutions provide us with 3 key aspects for this management: agility, traceability and scalability, as well as a series of tangible benefits (greater transparency, proactive risk management, improved decision making, among others) and intangible benefits (integrity of data and reporting, optimization and model maintenance).

Gestion de riesgos ICB CONSULTING

 Risk management

ICB Consulting advises its clients in the transformation of their risk management systems, moving from the traditional two-dimensional approach (impact and probability) to approaches that incorporate new variables such as connectivity and speed, following, on the other hand, the established guidelines. by COSO ERM.
Organizations will be able to focus their efforts on critical threats, establishing, based on this analysis, intelligent and efficient control models.


Thanks to ICB Consulting’s experience in the market in the traditional design and development of internal control models over financial information and detailed knowledge of both Good Practices and International Reference Guides such as COSO or ISO 19600 and 37301 as well as emerging regulations and standards in the matter, has allowed it to develop a robust and complete methodology that helps address compliance projects with a global and integrative perspective, optimizing information management and providing effective control and monitoring mechanisms.