I indicate to you that ICB Consulting & Computerworld University  – through a strategic framework agreement signed with Marlon Molina – Director of IDG.

ICB Consulting is a global distributor and marketer of the Digital Immersion course with Business IT Certification.

I ask you, please, to study this message that I send you, in order to digitally literate all the members and directors of your companies with this IT certificate.

For years and more today there has been a significant gap of IT professionals and the data in this regard is overwhelming.

In the next 5 years, more than 1 million technology consultants will be needed in Europe, this data being extrapolated to the rest of the countries and the world.

The course is available right now in Spanish, English and Chinese, but if an interest in the IT certificate arises in any other language, it is possible to propose a project for translation.

It is clear the increasing commitment to digital transformation and innovation by companies, universities, governments, etc – The consulting profession, on the rise due to new technologies.

It multiplies the productivity of Adecco’s members, professionals and managers, improving their technological – digital knowledge in a VUCA world (volatile and uncertain) that is increasingly competitive and changing.

It trains the members, professionals and managers so that in less than two months they become IT trainers endorsed by Computerworld University, owned by the largest consulting company in the world IDG and in alliance with the largest international certifier of professionals and organizations that  APMG:

In digital technologies for business growth, digital algorithms, artificial intelligence, etc., there is an excellent opportunity for your company members and managers to save costs and optimize resources, automating, digitizing and robotizing training and production processes of your company.

The time for your company is NOW to train, enhance the capabilities and skills in IT of professionals and managers of companies and companies as other companies have done such as Mapfre, Accenture, Ibermática, American Airlines, Boston University, Government of China, Government of Uruguay, professionals trained and prepared with Digital Immersion & Business IT Certification.

  • The opportunities that we lose and let them pass, is because we DO NOT KNOW where we ARE or what we HAVE.
  • “Money comes and goes, sometimes we are richer and sometimes we are poorer, but the opportunities many times DO NOT happen again AGAIN in your life”
  • We transform each Business Opportunity and each Project into a SUCCESS.